Prudential First Realty

I am a Professional Realtor through Prudential First Realty and have been for a few years now. 

My work mainly involves helping people sell their house(s) and get into a new one from start to finish.  I take care of all the paper work for them so they dont have to, and along the way i help them find potential buyers, set up the required Open Houses needed to show the house, and do all that is neccessary to complete the transition.  Buying and selling a house can be very stressful for many people therefor it is my job and duty to make it a much smoother ride and less stressful for my clients.  I do alot of business in Des Moines and all around central Iowa.  My liscence continues in various other states around Iowa but does not include Missouri.  I work very hard at what i do and love woking with people.  Please give me a call if your interested in using me as a Prof. Realtor at (515) 423-3877 or email me.   OR                                                                 Prudential First Realty Westown, 5500 Westown Pkwy #120, West Des Moines, Iowa, 50266

Licensed to Sell Real Estate in the State of Iowa.

**My Handman Co. and Prudential First Realty have nothing in common and there is no relationship with either one. There are no special deals by dealing with one or the other company or both.