Handy Man Home Improvement Service and Prof. Prudential First Realty Agent

Serving All of Des Moines Metro and the surrounding Counties for Handyman and All of Iowa and few other States (exp. Mo.) for Prudential First Realty.   

*A SPECIAL DEAL FOR YOU;  ONLY $200 (+ tax) GIVES YOU 8+ HOURS OF COMPLETING YOUR HONEY-DO'S LIST or AN 8 HOUR JOB OF ANYKIND!  Give me 8 hours to do your honey-do list, and i will complete it.  Why pay expensive plumbers fees, large Construction Contrator fees, or electrician fees, etc.?  Ill save you hundreds of dollars.  After 21 years exp. and trade schooling, i do almost anything.  Certain restrictions can apply - CALL FOR DETAILS (515-423-3877 ~ Let me know you seen this deal when you call).  One of the Cheapest in Des Moines.
**I GIVE OUT FREE ESTIMATES FOR JOBS IF YOU PREFER NOT TO USE THE $200/8 HOURS.  I can save you money by coming out and giving you free Estimates for Bigger or smaller jobs.  21 yrs of References upon request.


Home-based professional business offering quality workmanship and very affordable home improvement solutions for all your needs.  We have been in the construction business for over 22 years and can supply references at any time.  All estimates are offered FREE and done on-site or delivered (possible mail) to your place of residence depending on size and time of estimate and done at your convenience to ensure customer satification.  We are known for our LOW RATES - just ask our references!

We specialize in interior and exterior home improvement and remodeling ideas, some of which include: MY USUAL GREAT PRICES TO FIX UP YOUR HOME FOR MARKET SALE, doors and window replacing, siding, roofing, indoor/outdoor painting, house wash, flooring (hard-wood insulation/sanding/staining & polyurethane, linoleum and tile installation), kitchen and bathroom repairs and remodeling, plumbing, small electrical, drywall and texturing, fence building/repair, deck building/repair and restoration (deck wash), handicap stair chairs, yard maintenance (seasonal), snow removal, and SO MUCH MORE.  We also offer "honey-do's" to serve all our customer needs.  Discount for Senior Citizens in the Handyman Department so please let me know.

I am also a Professional Real Estate Agent, Licensed in the State of Iowa, for Prudential First Realty at the West Des Moines office at 5500 Westown Pkwy, Suite 120.  My Office No. is 515-453-7309; Home at 515-288-0388; and **Cell at 515-423-3877 (best).  I specialize in the Selling and/or Buying of homes or commercial buildings.  I can use my Handyman buisness to give you my usual great prices to help fix up that place to sell.  I can also show you how and what you need to do to get your home ready for selling!  Please feel free to contact me at anytime for either one of these Professional needs. 

**My Handman Co. and Prudential First Realty have nothing in common and there is no relationship with either one.
There are no special deals by dealing with one or the other company or both.


There are TOO MANY things to mention that we can do for you.  Just give us a call at 515-423-3877 or 515-288-0388 and we will be sure to find out if we can do it for you .  We have LOW RATES and sometime certain businesses give us DISCOUNTS on supplies whereas we can then pass them on to you.  My goal is to be cheaper than most and display a type of professional workmanship that pass many other businesses.  We arent like other places, we want to stay family owned to keep the high quality of workmanship we are known for. 

Give us a try, i think you'll like what we can give back!

        Home Remodeling, Window installation and replacement,  Siding, Roofing

Outdoor Landscaping, Fencing, Power Washing, Decks,  Raking, Mowing, Honey Do's, and so much more! 

Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Drywall

Bathroom Repair and Remodeling, Plumbing, Electrical