Handy Man Home Improvement Services


Handy Dandy Maintence and Handy Men Service is a family owned buisness dedicated to keeping the professional family workmanship operating in the way customers want.  We have been in the carpentry business for over 22 years and have just recently expanded our business due to our many friends that have believed in us and have encouraged us to spread our workmanship to many others.  Additional people that we bring on board to help serve our customers are friends that have the same concept as we do for quality of work and customer satisfaction.  My work experience involves: Along with starting out in Building and Trades at DMACC when i was age 18, I have worked for 3 large construction companies in DSM for the first years of my life, then i started my own Handyman business on the side.  I have worked for Engineering companies designing subdivisions, highways, airports and sewer systems full time for quit a while. Though I am still registered for the state of Iowa for Inspection concrete, and asphalt, i continue there anytime I am needed, all the while doing my Handyman business on the side.  Just recently, after getting laid-off from Engineering, i decided to be on my own and be self employed so i completed all my courses, took my test and got my Prof. Real Estate liscence while going full time with our Handyman  business.  I have been blessed with lots of work, and great people to work for.  My goal is to help people fix up their house or real estate at a price people can handle.  My goal is to get customers and KEEP them with great costs and professional workmanship and maybe help them to sell their house.  I respect my customers and treat them the way i would have wanted to be treated. One of my takes on life:  "I take pride in helping people to complete a task while leaving each and every job/real estate seeing a smile on thier face knowing a higher quality of life can be experienced by anyone at anytime." 


I take pride in my Prof. Real Estate business at Prudential First Realty and work very hard each and every day for all my clients.  I love to help people fix up their place of resident/buildings if they desire that service from me, and I provide a professional service for them to get that place or any other place sold and fast.  One buiness does not have an effect on the other in any way, shape or form or you dont need one service to get the other, but i love to do both if need be to help anyone out.   I am a "people" person with a soft heart, strong hardworking hands, faithfulness to my clients, and an incredible drive to succeed for my self, my family, and my clients.  You wont be disappointed if you take on either one of my buisnesses.  I have been raised with "old school" ethics and warm family values, therefor, i want to pass these on to as many people as possilble.  Please call me if youd like me to help.  


I have lived in Des Moines for over 25 years and i want to continue to stay in this awsome big city.  We used to live on the south side of Des Moines but now currently reside on the north side next to the Highland Park area. 


I take care of a good majority of Central Iowa for Real Estate and our Handyman service.  You can find our advertising in the Des Moines Register Classifieds under "Handy Dandy" in the Service Directory, the Yellow Book on the internet tells alot about us, the White Pages in the Des Moines and West Des Moines phone book and here on my website.  We have a semi large add in the white pages so please take a look at any of those advertisement if you need additonal information.  I can also provide numerous amounts of references at anytime upon request.


We are soly committed to serving our customers with low costs and high qualitly craftmanship.  We wont leave the job until you are satisfied.  We make things work.